One River. Three Goals.

Since our founding in 1997, we have helped improve the quality of the Basin’s water; and, by doing so, improved the quality of life for its communities. There is still much to be done, and we intend to do it.

Our work involves three goals:

  1. TEACH Cumberland River Basin communities to value water. We train and provide communities with resources to assess their forest, water and climate impacts, and to develop initiatives that benefit their social, environmental and economic resilience.
  2. PROTECT our water through sound land practices. The way we treat our land has a direct impact on the quality of our water. We work with everyone – from farmers to city dwellers – to promote sound land practices.
  3. CONNECT Basin residents to recreational opportunities. Nothing reinforces the value of water more than being near it and playing in it. Our annual Catfish Rodeo, Cumberland River Dragon Boat Festival and numerous outings remind everyone that water is not only a critical component to a healthy environment, but is also fun for the whole family.