Interested Landowners needed to serve as project sites

The Cumberland River Compact, with partnership from Metro Water Services and The Nature Conservancy, are beginning a stream restoration project on Sugartree Creek. This stream is considered polluted by federal standards, suffering from habitat loss and excess nutrient loads. The project will improve the overall water quality of Sugartree Creek, increase habitat for native flora and fauna in addition to increasing the areas ability to handle stormwater runoff.

The project will take place in Green Hills, which lies within the Richland Creek watershed, one of the most polluted streams in the Cumberland River Basin. Plants will be available for qualifying landowners, along with pervious pavement opportunities and a myriad of volunteer opportunities. This is a state of the art project, using view website newly designed EPA software that determines optimum locations for water quality projects. The project is being funded through a grant provided through the Frist Foundation and is one of the first of its kind in the country.The Compact will have several different types of projects; tree plantings, pervious pavement retrofittings, rain garden installations, and channel conversions to name a few. Interested business or property owners could be eligible for free trees, free rain garden consultations, free plants for a rain garden and free or discounted pervious pavement conversions.

Interested landowners in Green Hills should contact Project Manager Will Caplenor