How’s My Neighborhood Stream?



iCreek is an interactive tool developed by the Cumberland River Compact and The Nature Conservancy of Tennessee. Using state water quality data and the power of Google Maps, the tool aims to give you the knowledge and resources you need to give your neighborhood stream the personalized TLC it deserves.

We all have an impact. Let’s make ours a positive one!

CumberlandRiverBasin.org is your source of all things Cumberland River Basin. The site catalogues the resources of over 75 government groups and NGO’s whose work impacts the health and enjoyment of water in our basin.

If you’re undertaking water related work in the basin, this site can connect you to relevant resources and highlight potential partners.

Want to know who’s involved in planning efforts, education, providing grants and funding, or building rain gardens? There’s a lot we can learn from one another, and CumberlandRiverBasin.org aims to help us do just that!

If you want to find out the health of your neighborhood creek and find out what you can do to take care of it, CumberlandRiverBasin.org can help. The site’s web application, “iCreek,” allows users to uncover the health of their neighborhood stream, to learn mitigation practices for caring for it if it’s unhealthy, and to get connected with resources and organizations that can help.

Last but not least! If you’re simply interested in getting outside and having a good time, the site is also home to a tremendous amount of recreation related resources. Resource libraries are available for paddlers, anglers, hunters, hikers, naturalists and more.