River Talks

Starting in April 2014, the Cumberland River Compact began hosting River Talks: An Educational Series at the Cumberland River Center.  River Talks encompasses five different lecture and event series spanning a wide range of topics, from history to environmental policy and more.

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Water for Schools

The Compact is partnering with Metro Nashville Public Schools to provide cisterns for collecting rainwater from school rooftops throughout Davidson County.  This rainwater is used to water school vegetable and flower gardens, providing students with a valuable opportunity for learning about water sources and conservation.

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Stormwater Model

The stormwater model allows children to learn about how urban development, if not properly managed, can contribute to flooding.  The Compact provides demonstrations of this interactive, kid-friendly model at many of our annual events, and also provides demonstrations throughout the summer in Cumberland Park.

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Creek Critters

Creek Critters is an interactive educational program for elementary school students, where we bring the creek to you! The goal of our Creek Critters program is to get kids interested in science and in our precious water resources at a young age.

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Did you know that Tennessee spends around 11 million dollars in litter pickup each year!? While we see much of that litter in our streets and alongside our roads, a surprising amount ends up in our local waterways and even in our backyards.

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River Cleanup

A new tradition began in 2014 – Spring Cleaning. On this first Saturday of April, the Cumberland River Compact organizes over 20 simultaneous stream clean-ups. During the first annual spring clean-up, a volunteer task force of 200 pulled 18 tons of debris from small tributary streams to the Cumberland River.

Life Support Curriculum

A new water conservation curriculum created by water resource professionals for students in grades 4-12. Easy to understand text, illustrations, puzzles, and lab activities help students explore the water cycle, watersheds, and the work people do to provide clean water for our use while protecting wildlife. The Compact provides this resource for free for classroom teachers, non-formal educators, and home school groups.  Thank you to the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts for their partnership and support of this program.

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Explore iCreek

iCreek connects any basin addresses to the waterway it impacts. If that waterway is unhealthy, iCreek suggests mitigation strategies that could improve its health and also lists basin resources and organizations that may be able to help address the problems in that waterway.

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Water Recreation

The Compact supports and organizes various water recreation events and outings. From  providing water safety support for the Music City Triathlon andStand Up Paddle Board Races in downtown Nashville on the Cumberland, to organizing paddling trips with Paddle Adventures Unlimited, the Compact strives to get as many folks on the water as possible!  While our offices are based in downtown Nashville, our work extends throughout the basin – you can frequently find the Compact staff and volunteers exploring streams all over the basin. Click link to learn more.


Waterfest is a free, one-day family festival all about celebrating and connecting children to our local waters. Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of water quality in our watershed through fun and engaging environmental-based activities suitable for the entire family. We believe environmental awareness is an important element of community knowledge and contributes to environmentally friendly and healthy behaviors later in life. Join us this year for a dance party, prize giveaways, water slides, trivia, and much more!

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